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We have been active in the Italian haberdashery market for three generations. The history of our company has been strongly characterized by the handing down, from father to son, of the values which are vital to commercial success: these include the craftsman's understanding of how to advise customers with care and with enthusiasm.

Photo This long company history was consolidated in 1981 with the establishment of LORING, a company in which we bring together, every day, our expertise in the sector with our great capacity for innovation. This simple formula has allowed us to make available a huge range of Italian and imported haberdashery, including yarns, hosiery, knick-knacks and solutions to improve the performance of the sales point, thanks to a range of products which greatly improve functionality, the comfort of the surroundings, and the services which are offered to clients.

Photo We constantly strive to provide our customers, together with high quality products, with the chance to manage and sell those products in the best possible way. We know very well that the layout, the form and the capacity of shelves and items of furniture are vital to the success of a haberdashery shop, and it is for this reason that we supply free advice for the effective management of sales areas in a way that makes them not only extremely functional for those who work there, but very pleasant for customers too.

Photo Our presence on the Internet can be seen as another sign of our commitment to innovation; we are constantly seeking new formulas which will make our relationship with those haberdashers who have chosen us as partners simpler, more flexible and more efficient.

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